We install walkways, retaining walls and patio pavers in Longmont, CO

Use Hardscaping To Enhance Your Yard

Looking for unique ways to upgrade your outdoor space? Colorado Sunshine offers a wide range of hardscaping services in Longmont, CO. We can upgrade your property with walkways, retaining walls, patio pavers and sod. At Colorado Sunshine we believe that innovative landscaping and beautiful hardscaping go hand in hand.

We can take your outdoor space to new heights with a reatining wall or a new walkway. Want to take your party outside at your next gathering? We can install a patio in your background that is a great space to entertain your guests. 

Call us today to learn more about your hardscaping options.

Use Hardscaping Features In Your Landscape Design

Use Hardscaping Features In Your Landscape Design

If you want to give your property an update, let us transform your yard into a one-of-a-kind space. Here are three ways to use hardscaping features to beautify your yard in Longmont, CO:

  1. Install retaining walls to decorate your garden and prevent soil erosion.
  2. Use patio pavers to elevate the look of your patio.
  3. Add walkways to your yard for an upscale look.
  4. Add a patio to epand your dining and entertaining space.

Call Colorado Sunshine today if you want to beautify your yard with elegant hardscaping features. We serve Longmont, CO and the surrounding area.

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